Friday, February 03, 2012

Course Reserves

Do you know how to find books on reserve for your courses?

Go to the library's website and look for Course Reserves under the Search Tools menu.

Then search for your course by name or course number.

You can also search for an item you think might be on reserve. For instance, select the Reserve Items radio button and search for a keyword such as "bible" to see what books with the word bible in the title are shelved in the reserve section for any course. You can even search within inactive courses.

What are Course Reserves?

Traditionally, Course Reserves are books, photocopies, recordings (or even rocks) shelved behind the Circulation Desk in the Library. These high demand materials are reserved for students in a particular class during the current term. In order to use the traditional Course Reserves, students are required to come to the Library to check out items for a limited period of time (usually 2 hours) for use within the Library only. These can include library books that are usually available for check out for 30 days, or from the Reference collection. They can also include privately owned books that professors put on loan to their students through the library. (Note: Most textbooks are not on Reserve but are for sale at the HIU bookstore.)


Some required readings are available online for downloading directly from the Library’s catalog. You can find them on the Course Reserves lists the same way. Click and read!

Other eReserve items are available only through course home pages (rather than the library.) Check your course webliographies for more resources.

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