Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What are you reading, John Turek?

I chose Stephen Lawhead's Byzantium because I enjoy reading Christian historical fiction, and as I read it became clear that the author did lots of research. Not only did the author's fast-paced plot line include lots of action, it was also very accurate, historically speaking. I took away a greater appreciation for the impressive commitment of early church clergy.

Recently I've really gotten hooked on Lawhead: last year I read every novel he has published. He also has a "fantasy" side which is very good. The Arthurian Legend is a five-book series with a very interesting storyline. Arthur, Merlin et al. are all Christians!

I usually read about 40-50 books every year, mostly fiction. However, I'm also on my fifth time through Oswald Chamber's My Utmost for His Highest—so I guess I'm all over the place. I like to read!

The announcement was made last May that John Turek had been hired as HIU's seventh full time Athletic Director. A well-known Fullerton sports figure, John brings over forty years of educational experience to the Royals' family, including fifteen years as Athletic Director of one of Southern California's finest high school sports programs—Troy High School. See his full bio on the HIU Athletic Department's webpage.

Byzantium, by Stephan Lawhead, Harper Voyager Publishers, 1997.

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