Monday, February 06, 2012

International Society for Science and Religion Library Award

The Darling Library is pleased to announce that the International Society for Science and Religion (ISSR) Library Award is ready for circulation! Please join us as we officially unveil the new collection at a ribbon cutting ceremony immediately following the Voices of Christian Thought lecture on Wednesday evening, February 8, 2012 in which Dr. Karl Giberson will be speaking on, appropriately enough, Are Science & Religion at War? The lecture is open to the public.

Hope International University was selected as one of 150 institutions worldwide to receive this competitive award. (See the full story on the HIU website.)

Dr. Curtis Holtzen, Associate Professor of Philosophy & Theology, who applied for the Library Award on our behalf will be cutting the ribbon.

Why are these books special?

Although these books are all available for purchase individually, the ISSR Library Project added value to this collection in a number of ways that warrant special library handling as a set:
  1. The books underwent a peer review screening process in which the original 2000 submissions were reduced to 224.
  2. Introductory essays have been written for each title.
  3. Each book has been rebound in matching durable library binding. (They look like they belong together.)
  4. Cataloging records have been developed for librarians to easily shelve the books together.
Preference was be given to "applicants willing to house the ISSR Library as a complete whole within the circulating collection." Therefore, we created a showcase reading area for them. (We already had a casual reading area in the center of the first floor to which we added some bookshelves that were in the basement and, voila!)

To learn more about the ISSR, visit

By the Numbers
  • 2000 - Books submitted to the ISSR for peer review
  • 224 - Titles in the ISSR Award
  • 250 - Volumes in the ISSR Award (some have multiple volumes)
  • 404 - Total books now in the Darling Library cataloged under the Library of Congress Subject Heading, Religion and Science
  • 167 - eBooks included in the total books cataloged under Religion and Science
  • $6,250 - Estimated value of the collection if purchased individually (paperback)
  • $0 - Amount spent on the acquisition of the ISSR Library
View the list of books included in this collection.

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