Friday, April 08, 2011

New Book Highlight: The 7 Churches not in the Book of Revelation

It’s hard to believe that it’s already April, but we’ve been busy at the library over the past month and the title we’re looking at today is just one example of the multitude of books that were added to our collection recently. This month’s book is different from our past New Book Highlights in that we are using the term “new book” rather loosely. The book itself isn’t “new” per se, but it is new to us! Last month the library was graciously donated several hundred books from the First Christian Church of Huntington Beach. This title is just one of the books from that donation that we added to our collection. The library actually receives many donations throughout the year, most of which come from local churches or former faculty and alumni of the university. When we receive a donation we sort through the donated material and select the titles we want to add to our collection. The material we choose not to keep is then sent off to Better World Books, an organization that helps raise money for literacy programs worldwide. For more info on our relationship with Better World Books, check out this previous blog post; they’re a pretty neat organization that you can use to purchase books from too. And to top it off, if you purchase a book from them through one of the links to BWB on our blog, in addition to raising money for literacy programs, a percentage of your purchase will come back to the Darling Library! The 7 Churches not in the Book of Revelation by Gene Mims Belmont, Calif: Broadman and Holman Publishers., c2001. View this book in our (soon to be) NEW catalog Circulation Policy: This book is located in our main collection, on the first floor of the library and is able to be checked out. Call Number: 250 M662s 2001 Abstract: Gene Mims puts seven contemporary church experiences into context so readers can identify and adjust one’s own style to the church instead of expecting the church to adjust to your style. The seven churches discussed are: the university church (where the key is instruction and the pastor operates as professor), the arena church (where the key is experience and the pastor is a performer), the corporation church (where the key is control and the pastor is the CEO), the machine church (where the key is activity and the pastor operates as the manager), the family chapel (where the key is relationships with the pastor as chaplain), the legacy church (where the key is the past and the pastor is curator), and the community center church (where the church ten! or is issues-based and the pastor is the prophet). Subject Descriptors: Christian leadership. Pastoral theology. Class Descriptors: LC: BV652; Dewey: 250 In this case, the LC numbers refers to “Ecclesiastical theology. Church management” and the Dewy Decimal number is classified as “Christian pastoral practice” Look in the 250 section of our library for related books. (For a more in depth description of what subject and class descriptors really are, see the description found in the September 2010 post.)

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