Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Anatomy of a Blog: Links

This is the last in our "Anatomy of a Blog" series. In the past ten weeks we have described Widgets such as RSS feeds, our Amazon.com Wish List, and the Meebo Chat window. We showed you three ways to search the blog, how we get use statistics from the Stat Counter, and introduced you to our Contributors.

Today we look at perhaps the least "cutting edge" item on the blog: Links. These are hyperlinks to our favorite websites. Currently, most of our favorite Links are pretty self-centered. They include our home page, our Facebook Page, the University's home page, and Better World Books where you can buy books online and we get commission!

But we can add any number of other "gadgets" to our blog. We've added another one for links to Faculty Blogs. These blogs are maintained by HIU faculty members, but not endorsed or sponsored by the University. Right now, we have three here.

In HOPE is maintained by Dr. David Timms, Professor of New Testament & Theology who teaches primarily online. He has maintained this blog for ten years. Its purpose is to encourage believers in their spiritual formation. This link currenly goes to the Archives through 2010. Current posts will appear in a different location soon and we will update our link when it changes.

Adjunct professor of Bible and Theology, Phil Towne, maintains analog theology on ConversantLife.com. ConversantLife.com is a social media site dedicated to faith and culture. He is one of their regular thought provoking contributors.

The tip of the iceberg is a blog dedicated to book reviews and discussions about books maintained by our reference and instruction librarian, Terri Bogan. She is part of a community of book bloggers which support each other through links and comments. She has incorporated many more fancy gadgets on her blog than we have here. What the Darling Library knows about blogging largely comes from her.

There you have it. The News & Events at the Darling Library Blog de-mystified. Any questions?

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