Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anatomy of a Blog: Contributors

Anyone can make a comment on this blog, but Contributors are those who have permission to post to it. Each Contributor must have their own Blogger profile which we can use to manage any number of blogs. Some of us have more than one Blogger profile and some have personal blogs as well. Using this profile, I manage this blog and one for our student library assistants. You can see more about us by clicking on our names on the right column. But here’s what we do for the News & Events blog:
  • Darling Library is the official blog owner. This profile makes general announcements about such things as changes in library hours and system upgrades and down times.
  • Robin Hartman, Director of Library Services. I write the Monday Musings about whatever I have been thinking about having to do with information science or the future of libraries, but it could be just about anything.
  • Terri Bogan is our Reference and Instruction Librarian and our most accomplished blogger. She writes Terri’s Tuesdays which often focuses on the use of specific tools or library resources related to the topic of Monday Musings. She also coordinates and does final edits of the weekly “What are you reading?” features and the faculty Book Reviews. Terri also manages a fairly active personal blog dedicated to reading and book reviews Tip of the Iceberg using a personal profile.
  • neil Baker is our Reference Assistant who is responsible for editing our weekly What are you reading? posts.
  • Emma Hartman, Audio/Visual and Media Services Assistant, posts our monthly Hidden Hope contest.
  • Lindsey Sinnott is our Acquisitions Manager. She is responsible for our monthly New Book Highlights which include loads of information about a new acquisition.
  • Nicole McDermott, Public Services Manager, can post announcements about library services. She also manages the Student Library Assistant's training blog which is for invited "members only." All Darling Library Assistants log in to that blog at the beginning of every shift to find out what's new.

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