Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anatomy of a Blog: Blog Archives

We hope you enjoy reading our Library blog posts and find them helpful. Most likely you will read the blog articles as they are posted, but what if you want to quickly find articles about a topic you remember seeing on the blog or think we may have written about? Last Tuesday I talked about using the search box in order to KEYWORD search the blog. This week I'll be showing you how to search the blog by date.

Our blog posts are archived by year and month and this archive can be searched using the Blog Archive drop down box in the right sidebar. The image at the top center of this article shows you how the Blog Archive appears in the sidebar. The image to the right shows you how the Blog Archive drop down appears when it is expanded. As you can see at right, we posted 18 articles in January 2011. Clicking January 2011 will run a search and pull up only the 18 articles from that month.

An archive search is helpful if you happen to remember which month you saw an article on the blog, but are unsure which keywords or labels we used (more about labels next week). This type of search is also helpful if you missed reading our blog posts for a period of time and want to go back and see what we wrote about in any given month.

Next week's "Anatomy of a Blog" article will help you search by known labels (kind of like subject headings). See you next Tuesday!

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