Thursday, February 01, 2007

What's New with the Library Staff?

Sarah Kimakwa, Acquisitions and Technical Services Manager, has just started attending Library School through San Jose State University's School of Library and Information Science which operates a hub on California State University, Fullerton's campus. She should be our next professional librarian by the end of 2008!

Bethany Dye, Support Services Manager, has taken an ESL Teaching position in the Institute for International Studies requiring her to reduce her library load to about 3/4 time. She continues to provide administrative support for the library and instructional support for the Nutwood campus. (By the way, she has also just become engaged to be married in June!)

Joe Watson has just traded Audiovisual responsibilities for his new role as Voyager System Administrator. This means a great deal of computer learning on the job is in store for Joe, but this is nothing new for him! He continues to provide copy cataloging and back up for our new AV Assistant.

Krystal Harris has moved from being one of our strongest Student Library Assistants in Public Services to a larger, but less public role as Serials Assistant. And Chris Caudillo has joined the staff to alleviate the Audiovisual load from Joe, allowing him to take on systems responsibilities.

Continuing as Public Services Manager, Nicole McDermott also coordinates Interlibrary Loans. And Terri Bogan continues as our Reference and Instruction Librarian, also providing leadership in the area of Electronic Resources.

While the Technical Services staff are taking on greater responsibilities to help alleviate some of the load, Robin Hartman continues to function in a dual role as Director of Library Services and Systems and Technical Services Librarian.

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