Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Display for our Pulitzer Prize Library Collection

Did you know that the Library holds a special collection of Pulitzer Prize winning novels from 1918 through 1973? Most people don't. This Pulitzer Prize Library Collection was donated in 1979 by Carl A. Bimson in honor of Dr. William Boice. Dr. Boice was the senior pastor at First Christian Church in Phoenix, Arizona for many years.

Unfortunately, when the library rennovated back in 1998-2000, the display cabinets that had housed this collection for twenty years were lost. Since then, they have been displaced until recently when we put them in this lovely cabinet. The problem was that the doors were solid so we could not see the beautiful books. So, we called Roy Krieger, husband of PCC faculty secretary, Laura Krieger. He replaced part of the wood with glass and installed locks on the doors. (Plug: Roy's Custom Cabinets of Fullerton, California.)

Next time you're in the Library, stop by the display cabinets behind the Information Commons Staff Desk on the 2nd floor and take a look through the glass at this beautiful leather-bound, gilt edged collection of 48 titles.

Pictured: Student Library Assistant, Holly Colson.

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