Monday, March 06, 2017

Featured Author: Kip Lines

The Christian Standard is the principal magazine connecting the congregations of the Christian Churches / Churches of Christ.

The March 2017 issue features three articles and side bar information by our own Dr. Kevin "Kip" Lines, Professor of Intercultural Studies at Hope International University.

"What Does the Bible Say? Immigration and refugees in Scripture" (p. 12)

"What You Can Do" (p. 16)

"Questions and Answers about Refugees and Resettlement" (p. 18)

The Christian Standard is available in print in the Darling Library.

Kevin "Kip" Lines, Ph.D.
Also in this issue are articles by Hope International University alumni:

  • "Close to God's Heart" by Bethany Anderson. (p. 21)
  • "Welcoming the Stranger" by Gayla Congdon. (p. 23)

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