Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Faculty Scholarship Showcase

The faculty of Hope International University will be displaying their recent publications in a "Faculty Scholarship Showcase" on Wednesday, March 29th from 4:30 to 6:00 PM in the Santa Ana Room of the Fulton-Lawson Student Center.

Scholarly Activity

Scholarly activity is encouraged at most academic institutions by tying it to faculty hiring, ranking, and promotion.

At HIU "the criteria for promotion fall into the four general areas of teaching, scholarly activities, contributions to the Mission of the University, and support of the University’s Core Values."

The Faculty Handbook defines scholarly activities as "a broad range of activities related to a demonstration of the mastery of one's area of academic expertise." Publication is a widely recognized way to demonstrate expertise.

The Darling Library 

The Darling Library regularly features faculty publications on this blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter @darling_library #HIUauthors.

We have a special bookshelf set aside behind the Circulation Desk displaying their most recent books.

It is our policy to add at least two copies of each book to the library collection, one in the Main stacks for circulation and the other goes in the Archives for long term preservation. To find all books authored by Hope International University faculty held by the Darling Library, go to the library's discovery search service on our home page and look for keyword: HIU faculty.

To find out about faculty scholarship as it is published, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Professors in the Showcase

Professors who will be displaying their recent publications:

  • Brian Albright, Chair, Business and Management Program; Associate Professor, Business and Management
  • LaSharnda Beckwith, Dean, College of Business and Management, Professor of Business Management
  • Joe Grana, Dean, Pacific Christian College of Ministry & Biblical Studies; Professor of Church Ministry
  • Natalie Hewitt, Associate Professor of English
  • Curtis Holtzen, Professor of Philosophy and Theology
  • Kip Lines, Professor of Intercultural Studies
  • Erik Maiershofer, Associate Professor of History
  • David Matson, Professor of Biblical Studies
  • K.C. Richardson, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
  • Bryan Sands, Director of Campus Ministries; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Ministry
  • Roberto Sirvent, Associate Professor of Political and Social Ethics
  • Blair Wilgus, Chair, Online Undergraduate Ministry Program; Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

...and others.

Don't miss it!

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