Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What are you reading, Trevor Williams?

I chose to read Communion of Saints by Dietrich Bonhoeffer because I have had a deep interest in Bonhoeffer since I first got into theology. I have saved this book until now because it was his dissertation that he presented when he was 21, which is the age I am now. So I thought that aspect would be an interesting addition to my interest on the subject in which Bonhoeffer wrote.

I really liked this book. The insights from it on the rest of Bonhoeffer’s theology have been nearly overwhelming. While the sociology of the church was never a topic that Bonhoeffer got back to, with the possible exception of his book Life Together, it was certainly something that has been woven throughout much of his work. I especially liked what he said about prayer's function in the church.

There are two things I took from this book. First, the main point Bonhoeffer was trying to make about the sociological function of the church; how individual wills come together in a community. And secondly, I learned more about Bonhoeffer as he was before World War 2.

I would recommend Communion of Saints to anyone who has an interest in Bonhoeffer and wants to obtain a greater understanding of his thought. Also, for anyone who is looking for thoughts on the church that are not solely grounded in religious language.

My reading habits usually consist of setting goals of how far I will read during each reading session. I also prefer to read when I am around other people or in an area with noise in the background. I find it more relaxing and overall easier to engage in my book. Usually I will have a reading list, but I hardly ever stick to it.

The kinds of books that I read are mostly ones pertaining to my major. I have the blessing of going to school to learn about my hobby and passion. So what I read for fun and inspiration are mostly books in the categories of biblical studies, theology, and church history. My side interest is Roman history.
Trevor Williams is a Biblical Studies Major at HIU while working at the Darling Library as their Processing/ Technical Services Assistant. The rest of his time is taken up by his position as Assistant Section Editor for the Hope International Tribune, his internship at West Fullerton Baptist Church, and his position of On-Campus Events Intern for Student Activities. Trevor also spends some of his time as a Formation Group Leader and the Vice-President on the newly formed Greek Club. When there is time between what these positions demand he enjoys spending time with friends and watching bad horror movies.

The Communion of Saints: A Dogmatic Inquiry Into the Sociology of the Church by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1963.

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