Friday, February 24, 2012

Mobile Library

Did you know that the Darling Library has a mobile search interface?

Go to and start searching the library's catalog.

Just need the hours?
Right there on top.

Faster to call or e-mail about an item?
The phone number and email address is front and center.

Will my phone work?

Chances are, yes it will. If your phone has a Web browser on it—whether or not it's a smart phone—it should work for you. Any phone capable of running JavaScript or a Java-based Web browser such as Opera Mini or Bolt is supported. No app required! (You do have to have a data plan through your phone service provider.)

Now you can be productive no matter where you are—waiting in line, waiting for a class to start, waiting for a professor’s office hours—you can decide what materials you’d like to explore further at the library. You can even sign in to put a hold on a book so it will be waiting for you to check it out next time you're in the library. You can also e-mail yourself the citation for an item, so you won’t ever be stuck at the last minute with an incomplete "Works Cited" page for your paper.

And soon you’ll be seeing links to online resources like journals, scholarly articles and eBooks as well as other mobile services from the Darling Library.

Feedback is encouraged: Consider writing a review for the blog and win a library T-shirt while supplies last! Or just email us your feedback about this service at!

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