Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Write a Review - Win a T-Shirt!

The Darling Library invites reviewers of its resources! We think that a good way to spread the word about our databases is to bribe our readers to tell each other about them. Submit a review of one of our resources and, if we post it on the blog, you will get a T-Shirt! Here's how:

Who is eligible? Any student, staff, alumni, or faculty member of Hope International University.

Review Guidelines. All submitted reviews are subject to our review guidelines. Submissions that do not follow our review guidelines will not be posted or eligible for prizes. The recommended length is 100 to 300 words with a 1,000 word maximum on reviews.

What kinds of things to include:

  1. The name of the resource you are reviewing. (Christian Periodical Index)
  2. Where you found it (the path to get there or the URL).
  3. Focus on your experience. (I found it to be useful.)
  4. Why did you like or dislike it? (It was easy to find.)
  5. What you were interested in doing with it? (I wanted to find authoritative opinions about a current issue.)
  6. In what ways did it meet your expectations? (I found what I was looking for.)
  7. Did it fail? (It didn't save my data and I had to start over.)
  8. What you were able to accomplish? (I found one article that was perfect.) In what time frame? (It took just a few minutes.)
  9. Would you use it again? (I would use it again if necessary.)
  10. Do you recommend it to others? Whom? Under what circumstances? (I would recommend it to anyone who needs data in support of their thesis.)
  11. Comparative information. (Brand X gives a better output.)
  12. Information about you: Your name, major or degree program, and how we can contact you.

What not to include:

  1. Comments about other reviews. (They don't know what they're talking about.)
  2. Advertisements for any products or services. (Call me for tutoring.)

Then what? Send it to the library at with "Review" in the subject line or drop it off in person. (Be sure to include your contact information so we can give you a T-Shirt.)

Examples of resources to review:

  1. Any of our research databases.
  2. Our LibAnswers service.
  3. The library's website.
  4. WorldCat Local (the library catalog/discovery tool).
  5. Any of our Search Tools.
  6. LibGuides (Subject Guides)

Think of it as a service to your classmates or co-workers. By doing some reconnaissance research and sharing what you learned you will be saving them precious time and giving them valuable information. Or be a mercenary and do it for the T-Shirt!

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