Friday, February 04, 2011

New Book Highlight: Life in a Muslim Uzbek Village

Welcome back to our monthly look at a new book added to our library! The book we selected from the past month actually comes from a larger series of books called Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology. These books are written by experts who have studied specific peoples and cultures, and in almost every case, have actually lived among them. Including this new book we’re going to look at today, we have over 60 books from this series in our library.

Life in a Muslim Uzbek Village: cotton farming after Communism
Belmont, Calif.: Wadsworth Pub. Co., c2011.

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Circulation Policy:
This book is located in our main collection, on the first floor of the library and is able to be checked out.

This book aims to identify and explain aspects of Uzbek cultural life in a farming village on a 'kolkhoz' (collective farm) that account for both cultural patterns and culture change. This title depicts the cultural changes and continuities that have occurred as a result of Uzbekistan's political independence from the Soviet Union.

Subject Descriptors:
Cotton farmers --Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan --History.

To find other material that is similar in subject to this item, simply click on the one of the descriptors from this item’s record in the catalog or copy and paste these descriptors into the search bar of the OPAC and limit the search to “Subject” or “Subject Keywords.”

Class Descriptors:
LC: DK948.62; Dewey: 947
In this case, both the LC numbers refer to “Uzbekistan. Uzbek S.S.R.” and the Dewy Decimal number is classified as “General history of Europe; Eastern Europe; Russia…Look in the 947-958.7 sections of our library for related books.

(For a more in depth description of what subject and class descriptors really are, see the description found in September or October’s post.)

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