Friday, October 01, 2010

New Book Highlight: A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, 3rd Edition

Welcome back to our New Book Highlight! Today’s highlight is a book that many of you will more than likely take advantage of for your bible classes. You might even have already used a copy of the older edition...

A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian literature, revised and edited by Frederick William Danker, Chicago : University of Chicago Press, c2000

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Call Number: Reserve Desk: 487.4 D187g 2000
Circulation Policy: These books are located at Circulation, on
reserve, and are available to be checked out for two hour increments. Please ask a worker at Circulation to borrow items on reserve.

Special Note: This last month, the Darling Library has been fortunate enough to have received a generous donation from Gordon Robbins. Mr. Robbins purchased ten different items off of the library’s Amazon Wishlist; these totaled over $360 worth of new books to add to our collection. This lexicon was one of those books and helped us meet our goal of having at least five copies of this new edition. Many thanks to Gordon Robbins for his generous gift!

As one way of saying “thank you,” it is our policy at the library to take special note of donor
s when adding material to our collection. Each item donated receives a bookplate with the donor’s name listed on it. Bookplates are the stickers located on the inside, top left of a book’s front cover. These have the logo for Hope International University, stating that they belong to the library. When we receive a donation, another line is added to the bookplate stating “Donated by…” and the person’s name. This way, whenever anyone checks out a book, they can see who was gracious enough to gift the item to the library. In this case, Gordon Robbins will have his name in 10 books within the library!

Described as an "invaluable reference work" (Classical Philology) and "a tool indispensable for the study of early Christian literature" (Religious Studies Review) in its previous edition, this new updated American edition of Walter Bauer's Wörterbuch zu den Schriften des Neuen Testaments builds on its predecessor's staggering deposit of extraordinary erudition relating to Greek literature from all periods. Including entries for many more words, the new edition also lists more than 25,000 additional references to classical, intertestamental, Early Christian, and modern literature. (From inside cover)

Subject Descriptors:
Subject descriptors are terms that catalogers and indexers select from a standardized list which best describe the contents of an item. These terms can then be used to find other items that address the same or similar topic. Under this entry, in our catalog, if you click on one of the following terms you will find a list of all other materials in our collection that have the same descriptor.

Bible. N.T. --Dictionaries --English.
Bible. N.T. --Dictionnaires anglais.
Greek language, Biblical --Dictionaries --English.

Class Descriptors:
The numbers listed here, both the LC and more relevant to us, Dewey, not only provide the start of call numbers to find a book in the shelves, but they actually correspond to a specific subject heading i.e. topic. Like subject descriptors, the subject heading that best describes a book is the one that gets chosen.

LC: PA881; Dewey: 487.4

You can actually learn a lot about a book just by considering its class descriptor. In the case of this book the Dewey Decimal number of all items falling under 487.4 is “Language: Preclassical and Postclassical Greek.” The LC number of PA881 equates to the topic of “Greek philology and language.” Other items focused on these topics can be found here as well.

This book is also available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Better World Books.

Check back for our next “New Book Highlight” the first Friday of November!

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