Friday, January 07, 2011

New Book Highlight: Hoover's Handbook of Private Companies

Here we are in 2011, and it’s time for the first New Book Highlight of the new year! This month’s book is a part of our standing orders, which means it arrived at the library a little differently than other books. Standing orders make the book ordering process simpler for us, especially where series are concerned. Normally, when the library wants to add a new book to the collection we go through a process that requires ordering materials title by title. We get catalogs from publishers announcing new books that have been published or a professor might recommend a book, and then we go track it down and put in an order for it. Regardless of how we find each book, all of those "normal" books share something in common: they’ve been published already!

But there are other titles that we know we want, even before they are published. Certain reference works that are updated yearly and series (such as Biblical commentary sets) are examples of books that the library knows we want to order every year or every time a new title becomes available. In order to streamline this process, we have the ability to set up standing orders with our book vendor, Midwest Library Services. We tell them to send all books in a set to us automatically every time there is an update. It's a great time saver!

The new book we're going to look at today happens to be a reference work from our standing order list and will be particularly helpful for those of you taking business classes (or anyone who is just interested in looking up the information!).

Hoover’s Handbooks of Private Companies: 2010
Austin, TX: Hoover's Business Press: 2010

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Call Number: 338.74 H789
Circulation Policy: This book is located in the reference section of the library and cannot be checked out.

Many privately held enterprises are major players in the U.S. economy, but finding information about these often secretive companies can be a challenge. Hoover's exceptional coverage of private companies includes 900 non-public U.S. enterprises. This valuable reference source also includes lists of top companies ranked by sales and by number of employees, plus Inc.'s list of the fastest-growing private companies. It is indexed by headquarters location, industry and company executives. –Hoover Press

Subject Descriptors:
Private companies --United States --Rankings --Directories.
Private companies --United States --Finance --Directories.
Business enterprises --United States --Finance --Directories.

To find other material that is similar in subject to this item, simply click on the one of the descriptors from this item’s record in the catalog or copy and paste these descriptors into the search bar of the OPAC and limit the search to “Subject” or “Subject Keywords.”

Class Descriptors:
LC: HG4057; HF5035; Dewey: 338.74

Both the LC and the Dewey numbers refer to “Finance management, Business finance, and Corporation finance.” Look in the 338.7 section of the library for related books.

(For a more in depth description of what subject and class descriptors really are, see the description found in September or October’s post.)

Hoover's Handbook of Private Companies 2010 can also be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and directly from Hoover's.

For other recommended reference sources in this area, stop by the library to find them or talk with a librarian!

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