Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What are you reading, Coach Czech?

I've never read the Bible cover to cover so I'm currently reading it in its entirety in order to enhance my relationship with God. I'm enjoying it tremendously. I find that as I get older I'm able to comprehend Biblical lessons and stories much more clearly and that the teachings I have learned over the years are being reinforced. I'm hoping that by reading the entire Bible I will have a better understanding of God's word and how I can serve Him. I would definitely recommend reading the Bible cover to cover to everyone!

I plan to read the entire Bible within two years. To accomplish this, I read for 20 minutes before bed and during our team study hall. I like to read for both fun and inspiration, but I mainly read for knowledge and to enhance my relationship with God. What will I read next? I'll probably read something light.

Coach Czech is the Head Coach for Men's basketball at HIU and has served in that capacity for 1-1/2 years.

Bibles can be purchased at most major bookstores as well as online at and at Barnes & Noble. The HIU Bookstore also has a very nice selection of Bibles both in-store and online.

The Darling Library keeps many different versions of the Bible in both the MAIN and REFERENCE collections. Click here to search the Darling Library collection for Bibles.

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