Wednesday, November 28, 2018

SBL HIU Faculty Scholarship

Each year the faculty of the Pacific Christian College of Ministry and Biblical Studies join thousands of professors and students, authors and publishers, religious leaders and other colleagues at the Society of Biblical Literature and American Academy of Religion joint meetings held the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.

This year they participated not only by going to academic sessions and networking but also contributing. Professor Kelly Dagley presented a paper on, "Ruth, Immigrant Women, and the Danger of Sexual Violence". And several of our professors had recently published books on display in "one of the world's largest exhibits of books and digital resources for biblical studies".

Books authored by HIU faculty on display at the SBL conference this year included:

Lines, Kevin. 2018. Who Do the Ngimurok Say That They Are? : A Phenomenological Study of Turkana Traditional Religious Specialists in Turkana, Kenya. Pickwick Publications. (not held by the Darling Library)

Martin, Ralph P, and Carl N Toney. 2018. New Testament Foundations : An Introduction for Students. Revised and expanded. Eugene, Oregon: Cascade Books, an imprint of Wipf and Stock. (

Richardson, Kristopher Carl. 2018. Early Christian Care for the Poor : An Alternative Subsistence Strategy Under Roman Imperial Rule. Matrix--The Bible in Mediterranean Context, 11. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books. (

Sirvent, Roberto, and Silas Michael Morgan, eds. 2018. Kierkegaard and Political Theology. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications. (

Ward, Keith, William Curtis Holtzen, and Roberto Sirvent. 2012. By Faith and Reason : The Essential Keith Ward. London, England: Darton, Longman and Todd.

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