Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Featured Authors: Holtzen and Sirvent

By Faith and Reason: The Essential Keith Ward, edited by Wm Curtis Holtzen and Roberto Sirvent (London: Darton, Todd, & Longman; Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2012.)
Includes new material by Keith Ward written specifically for this collection.

Philosopher and theologian Keith Ward is one of the most prolific scholars alive. This reader offers a distillation of Ward’s most incisive pieces collected together for the first time. It will be an invaluable resource for students of philosophy of religion, apologetics, contemporary theology, religion and science and philosophy of science, and for any general reader interested in comparative theology and the interplay between science and faith.

Sections include:
  • The Concept of God
  • Faith and Science
  • The Bible and its Interpretation
  • In Defence of Religion
  • Inter-Faith Dialogue and Disagreement
Keith Ward has authored nearly 30 books and has contributed to over 50 books and journals. He is a Fellow of the British Academy and (since 1972) an ordained priest in the Church of England. He has held posts at several prominent universities including Cambridge and Oxford and was a Canon of Christ Church, Oxford until 2003. In 1993-94 he gave the prestigious Gifford Lectures and has appeared as a key expert on various television shows and programs. Ward has become one of the top names in theology and has influenced a number of key theologians and philosophers working in the areas of faith, science, religion, and the doctrine of God. (From Darton, Todd & Longman.)

Available for check out at the Darling Library.

Available for sale at in paperback and Kindle editions.

Curtis Holtzen, D.Th.
Professor of
Philosophy and Theology
Roberto Sirvent, Ph.D.,J.D.
Associate Professor of
Political and Social Ethics

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