Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Featured Author: LaSharnda Beckwith

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Speaking in chapel this week is Dr. LaSharnda Beckwith, Dean of the College of Business and Management.

Dr. Beckwith has written three books and last year had four articles published in the Journal of Business Studies Quarterly.

Books available through Amazon:

The Journal of Business Studies Quarterly is available online through the Darling Library.
  • Beckwith, L. (2016). An Empirical Study: How Christians Influence Global Markets, Journal of Business Studies Quarterly, 8(2).
  • Beckwith, L. (2016). The evolution of marketplace ministry: An exploratory study of strategies used in business evangelism. Journal of Business Studies Quarterly, 8(1), 6-22.
  • Beckwith, A. L., Carter, D. R., & Peters, T. (2016). The underrepresentation of African American women in executive leadership: What's getting in the way? Journal of Business Studies Quarterly, 7(4), 115-134.
  • Beckwith, L. (2016). A Christian vision of the marketplace. Journal of Business Studies Quarterly, 7(3), 17-23.

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