Friday, August 26, 2016

Featured Author: David L. Matson

Congratulations to Dr. David L. Matson, Professor of Biblical Studies, for his recent publication in the Stone-Campbell Journal!

Matson, David Lertis. "Divine Forgiveness in Paul? Justification by Faith and the Logic of Pauline Soteriology." Stone-Campbell Journal 19, no. 1 (Spring 2016): 59-83.

Pauline scholars remain puzzled by the virtual absence of forgiveness language in Paul. The problem, however, is more than a lexical curiosity; it penetrates to the core of Pauline soteriology. Rather than forgive, God justifies sinners by regarding the death of the sinner as having taken place in union with the substitutionary representative death of Jesus on the cross. This model of a God who exacts payment for sin is incompatible with forgiveness, but only in this way is God both just and justifier. The result is a compelling answer to one of the common objections to traditional atonement theory, with important implications for Christian life and theology.

This article formed the basis of two public lectures — one at the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference in Indianapolis (where Dr. Matson was one of three plenary speakers), an event attended by scholars and ministers in all three branches of the Restoration heritage, and the other to a standing-room only crowd at the North American Christian Convention in Anaheim this past July.

This make the third article printed in the SCJ by Dr. Matson since 2008.

How to find it:
Visitors may find the journal on the shelves in the HIU libraries on the main campus and at Nebraska Christian College. HIU students, staff, and faculty may login to access it online. Anyone may get a personal subscription at the SCJ website.

More about the Stone-Campbell Journal:
  • The Stone-Campbell Journal is the only peer-reviewed graduate academic journal associated with the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ of which Hope International University derives its heritage.
  • Dr. William Baker, Professor of Ministry and Biblical Studies at HIU, is the founding editor.
  • According to WorldCat, as of August 26, 2016, 317 libraries report having it on their shelves - including the HIU libraries in Fullerton, CA and Papillion, NE.
  • Students of Hope International University have online access to the SCJ (1988 to present) through our subscription to the ATLA Religion databases in EBSCOHost. (login required)

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