Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Faculty Publication Highlight: David L. Matson

Dr. David Matson, Professor of Biblical Studies, has recently been published in Baylor University's Perspectives in Religious Studies. Established in 1972, Perspectives in Religious Studies (PRSt) is a publication produced for the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion. This journal is now published quarterly and began with the first issue appearing in 1974.

“Eating and Drinking Whatever They Provide” (Luke 10:5–7): Luke’s Household Mission of the Seventy(-Two) in Light of the Philip Esler/E. P. Sanders Debate.

Scholars have long noted the prominence of table fellowship in the writings of Luke. But as the Christian mission gradually expands to include Gentiles, exactly what kind of table fellowship does Luke envision taking place? In mixed eucharistic settings, do Jews eat separately from Gentiles, bring their own food, or share in common provisions with Gentiles? Against the backdrop of an intense debate in New Testament scholarship, particularly between Philip F. Esler and E. P. Sanders, this article develops a distinctively Lukan model based on the indiscriminate household mission of the Seventy(-two) that supports Esler’s definition of table fellowship as personalized eating rather than the parallel eating model assumed by Sanders. That Luke uses food to symbolize the breaking down of barriers between people groups, however, is not without its problems in this postcolonial age. (Perspectives in Religious Studies Index)

Matson, David Lertis. "'Eating and Drinking Whatever They Provide' (Luke 10:5–7): Luke’s Household Mission of the Seventy(-Two) in Light of the Philip Esler/E. P. Sanders Debate." Perspectives In Religious Studies 42, no. 4 (Winter 2015): 371–389.

This is not the first time he has been published in this peer-reviewed journal. Co-authored with Warren S. Brown, "Tuning the faith: the Cornelius story in resonance perspective," was published in the Winter 2006 issue.

You can find this journal in print on the first floor of the Darling Library or online through the EBSCO ATLA Religion Database.

Congratulations, Dr. Matson!

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