Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Faculty Publication Highlight: Acoustic Christmas by Chris Gillette

UPDATE (12/7/2015): The CDs are now available for a suggested donation of $15.00 each.  All proceeds go to Hope for Cambodia. Contact Christ Gillette at drchrisgillette at

Just in time for Christmas, Dr. Christopher Gillette, Associate Professor of Music, has released Acoustic Christmas, an album of acoustic guitar music.
Acoustic Christmas album cover
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Genre: Jazz, World Fusion
Christopher Gillette: Guitar, Bass, Arrangements
Danny Ybarra: Percussion

© Copyright - Christopher B. Gillette / Edwards Audio Research

It is currently available for download through CD Baby and will soon be available through Amazon and iTunes as well.
"A blend of Classical Jazz and World Beat are brought together to form a joyous Christmas album."

Congratulations, Dr. Gillette!

Dr. Christopher B. Gillette

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