Sunday, October 11, 2015

PsycTESTS Trial

In response to a request by one of our professors, the Darling Library has signed up for a 30-day trial of PsycTESTS. Hope International University students and faculty may log in to the EBSCOhost databases to give it a spin through November 8, 2015.

PsycTESTS is a product of the American Psychological Association. The Darling Library currently subscribes to two of APA's other databases: PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES through EBSCOhost. These have been well used by our Marriage and Family Therapy students.

PscyINFO has published several YouTube tutorials on how to use the PsycTESTS database on various platforms. Start with Finding the Tests on in PsycTESTS via EBSCOhost (1:38)

Here is how to get to PsycTESTS trial:
  • Go to the library's Research Databases starting with the letter E
  • Select EBSCOhost Databases 
  • Log in using your hiu email and password
  • Select EBSCOhost Research databases
  • Check PsycTESTS is at the top, highlighted in yellow
  • Search for tests as shown in the YouTube demo (above) 
Please report your feedback to by November 8, 2015.

Thank you!

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