Monday, October 26, 2015

Book Spine Poetry

The Darling Library is an institutional member of the American Theological Library Association (ATLA.) This year, to celebrate Theological Libraries Month the ATLA invites member libraries to submit Book Spine Poetry.

This is my attempt:

The beauty of book spine poetry is that you don't have to have read all of the books to use the titles to make a creative statement. As shocking as it may seem, I definitely do not have time to read all of the books that come into our library. Professionally speaking, I have learned to judge a book by its cover and I appreciate a good descriptive title.

Truth be known, only two of the books in my poetry submission are held by our library - one is an eBook. I found these on my bookshelf at home. Only Too Big to Know, by David Weinberger, is mine (and it's not on theology.) The others belong to my daughter and my husband.

Look on your book shelves. What message is your personal library communicating to you?

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