Friday, April 17, 2015

Unlimited Possibilities @ the Darling Library

In my introduction of National Library Week on Sunday, I described a bookmark that we created with bulleted points about the Darling Library. One side focuses on our online presence and the other side highlights the brick and mortar library offerings.

The following is the gist of  the content but you can also download this PDF file to make your own bookmark!

Brick and Mortar

Dr. David Matson, Library Fan
Our professors think very highly of the Library. They work with the librarians to make sure we have the resources we need to support their courses.

Students like the Library facility because it is a convenient comfortable place to study with WiFi and plenty of electrical outlets... and food and drinks are welcome.

On the second floor, there are 30 iMac computers that have Windows as well as Mac Operating Systems making it possible for students to use the OS they are comfortable with. There are two flat bed scanners and both a color and black and white printer as well. And last fall we opened the popular CSI Lab, a group study room with state-of-the-art presentation technologies for student use.

We also have reciprocal borrowing agreements with several other colleges in the area and we participate in a nation-wide interlibrary loan service to borrow books that we don’t own on behalf of our students and faculty.


With about 50% of HIU students being completely online, the Darling Library prides itself on its excellent online resources that can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet capable device. Of course, even students who live on campus like this because there is the possibility of doing research from their dorm rooms at any time.

We have almost twice as many eBooks available for download as print books to check out from the library. Besides the 250 print subscriptions, we provide access to over 8,000 eJournals with a seemingly unlimited numbers of articles.

There are links that send students directly to the library’s website and LibAnswers (our online reference service) from within all HopeOnline courses. With links to LibAnswers found throughout the library's website a Darling Librarian is always just a click away.

We have an HIU Library YouTube channel with online tutorials and have been created with distance students in mind. There are over thirty custom designed online subject and research guides (LibGuides) making it possible for HIU students to help themselves. Besides this news & events blog, the Library also has a Facebook Page to keep everyone who Like it informed.

Both online and on-ground, the Darling Library provides unlimited possibilities for those in the Hope community who have any sense of imagination.

Thus concludes National Library Week 2015. Until next year, keep on learning!

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