Monday, August 04, 2014

Donations for the Archives

We received a donation of two books signed by the author that will be added to the archives.

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The first is He Still Speaks: A Literary Biography of Robert Milligan by Clinton J. Holloway, c2014. The inscription reads,
"To Hope International Univ - In honor of President John Derry, formerly Dean of Students at Milligan College where he was much beloved by the students - this author included! Clinton J. Holloway"

This book was released to coincide with the 200th birthday celebration of Robert Milligan for whom Hope's sister institution, Milligan College, was named. Robert Milligan, was a "beloved professor" of Josephus Hopwood who founded Milligan College.

The other book is, Lest we Forget: Meditations at the Meal of Remembrance by the same author, c2008. According to the title page verso, "Proceeds from the sale of this book go to benefit the World Convention of Churches of Christ and Disciples of Christ Historical Society's Great Communion Celebration, commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address."

Both books are available on Amazon.

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