Monday, July 30, 2012

Peer Reviewed, Part 2

Little did I know when I wrote on this subject earlier this month that I was not yet finished with the publication process. It turns out that the production editor had more work for me to do. I had one more deadline to meet with a proof of the article as it was to appear in print. My new assignment was to submit four things:
  1. any last minute corrections to the text 
  2. a short title for a running head
  3. four or five keywords (presumably for indexing), and 
  4. a caption for my image 
I was given the option of logging on to a Central Article Tracking System to do my work (which they preferred) or returning the document by fax or email.

This publication process just happens to coincide with my involvement with a HopeOnline course that all online undergraduate students start with, HDV1100 Strategies for Success. In one of the threaded discussions, students share concerns that they have as a new online student. One of the two most commonly shared anxieties is writing in the APA style and the other is time management. In my role as the "embedded librarian," I tell them that they will get better with practice and that whether they write "A" papers or not, the professor's comments on their writing are worth the price of tuition.

Along the same lines, my family is reading through the Bible in a year together and today's reading includes Proverbs 15:22:
"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed." 
I hope that this applies to the peer review process and the article is a success.

(I learned that my article will be published online in August and the print issue is scheduled for September -- so I think I am really finished this time.)

Hartman, R. 2012. Life in the Cloud: A WorldShare Management Services Case Study. Journal of Web Librarianship, 6(3).

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