Monday, June 25, 2012

Terri Bogan Inducted Into International Honor Society

(L-R: Terri Bogan, Lindsey Sinnott, Robin Hartman)

Our Reference and Instruction Librarian, Terri Bogan, was inducted into Beta Phi Mu, the International Library & Information Studies Honor Society during the American Library Association Annual Conference in Anaheim on Saturday, June 23, 2012. Systems and Technical Services Librarian, Lindsey Sinnott, and I are also members and were in attendance at the ceremony.

The funny thing is that Terri was eligible eighteen years ago but the local (Omega) chapter was not active at the time she graduated from San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science so she had not heard of it until years later. Then the records were too old to easily verify her GPA compared to other graduates that year (only the top 25% are eligible for consideration). Then, after several years of bugging, advocating, campaigning, and volunteering to help with the records, at both the local and national level, she was finally invited by the SJSU SLIS faculty to join a few months ago. Since the annual meeting was going to be held in Anaheim during the ALA, she elected to be inducted at that time.

We librarians joke among ourselves how a library science organization could have such disorganized records! Then, as an added irony, they did not call Terri's name at the event! It turned out that there were two other candidates in attendance whose names weren't called and one of them spoke up. Terri was then invited with the others to join the inductees and added her name to the roll.

Terri Bogan has served as the Associate Librarian for Reference and Instruction at Hope since 1995. She advocates and facilitates the information literacy component across the University, directly addressing two of the library's continuing goals:
  • To promote "information competence" in all students, so that as graduates they are skilled in retrieving information for most of their needs, and committed to life-long refinement of their information access skills.
  • To provide reference, literature searching, database retrieval, and research services to satisfy the needs of the university community.

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