Monday, March 05, 2012

The library of the future

Pepperdine University is one of our cousins--theologically, historically, and academically. Their library is embarking on a fundraising campaign in conjunction with their 75th Anniversary. I am not recommending that our readers contribute (save your donation dollars for Hope!) but I do like what their Dean of Libraries, Mark Roosa, says about the library in their promotional literature.
"It is the heart of a campus' intellectual inquiry. It is the academy's vital link to the universe of knowledge, literature, science, history, art, music--those things that constitute our civilization. But the library of the future does more than simply provide access to information. It is the "third place" on a college campus--that location between work and home, the classroom and the dorm--the new student union, where students gather to study, hear great ideas examined by profound thinkers, reflect, socialize, and deepen their growth as human beings."

I would say that the Darling Library of Hope International University also shares this image of itself.

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