Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clarissa Group Read Begins Today

The Clarissa Group Read is not an HIU event. It is being hosted by one of the HIU librarians, Terri Bogan, through her personal book blog Tip of the Iceberg. Anyone is welcome to join. See the invite post here.

I am so excited to begin the group read of Clarissa with all of you who will be reading this hefty tome with me and JoAnn throughout 2012! Some of you are on the other side of the dateline and might have already started reading. I will confess that I "peeked" ahead of time and have already read a few of the letters. I think we are in for a treat!

I have discovered that it is handy to have a dictionary nearby while you read. There are some words completely foreign to me, some words that I thought I knew but really didn't, and other words that just needed those nuanced meanings pointed out for a richer reading of the text. For instance, I know that the word "approbation" means "approval," but in the context of Clarissa it often means a formal or official approval and there can be serious consequences without that formal endorsement.

Where to leave links to your Clarissa posts:

JoAnn and I will take turns hosting a place for you to link to your Clarissa posts. Please do not feel obligated to write posts, but I know everyone would love it if you do. I'll be hosting at the end of January. You can find the reading "schedule" and where to link each month on either of the Clarissa pages (here and here).

The conversation about #Clarissa never ends on Twitter:

You can find me on Twitter as @MsTerriB and you can find JoAnn as @lakesidemusing. Use the hashtag #Clarissa to more easily pick up any conversation threads.

Again, don't feel obligated to write if you don't want to. Write and discuss as much or as little as you want. The point really is to read this novel, and any conversation is icing on the cake.

Happy reading!

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