Monday, October 03, 2011

Change of Lifestyle Recommended

October is Theological Libraries Month. While the Darling Library is not strictly a theological library, we qualify for membership in the American Theological Library Association because we serve graduate students in Ministry. Last year at this time we supported the School of Graduate and Professional Studies (SGPS) MA in Ministry. This year, we support the same degree under the Pacific Christian College of Ministry and Biblical Studies.

Even though the structure of Hope International University has changed, the school's mission has not. Likewise, the Darling Library's mission and primary goals has not been altered. However, how we accomplish our objectives becomes a new challenge. This year the Darling Library will have to find its place in the new organizational chart as previous pathways to communication and process no longer exist and new ways have not been established.

The advisory Library Committee with faculty member representatives assigned to it no longer exists. The SGPS Academic Committee of which the Library Director was a standing member no longer exists and there are no monthly Pacific Christian College (traditional undergraduate school) Faculty Meetings where librarians met regularly with fellow full-time faculty members.

This is not to say that the Library has been marginalized or devalued by the University. The administration has been clearly supportive and appreciative of the Darling Library's contribution to the University. If anything, we have been given a long leash because we have been trusted stewards of our resources and conscientious supporters of the curriculum. We do our job so well that we don't need much attention.

Image from American Medical Association
I see the role of the academic library in a university structure as similar to the human circulatory system. It is not easily observable but you know that the circulation has been cut off to your foot because it “falls asleep.” If you don't get the circulation flowing again in time, you will lose your foot.

The Library currently finds itself tingling with uncertainty. After a routine wellness check-up some follow-up testing is in order and a change of lifestyle will be recommended to maintain good health. The proper diet and exercise regimen has yet to be determined.

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