Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What are you reading, Carol Davidson?

After hearing a message about Tatoos On The Heart by Gregory Boyle at church one morning, I picked it up later that afternoon—at the grocery store, of all places! Having now read it myself, I would recommend it to everyone.

Boyle is humbling, thought provoking, and sometimes downright raw in his emotion (I cried in each and every chapter: it's that powerful!). He tells us that we all matter, and that if we just believe in one another, we can all impact and help each other. Tatoos On The Heart made me remember what both being a Christian and showing others the love of Jesus are all about.

When it comes to reading, my interests are wide. I enjoy fiction, nonfiction, Christian inspiration, self-help—you name it! I also tend to read several things at once, a habit I picked up from my dad. At any given time I can be juggling a novel, something inspirational, and/or something in the psychology field. Up next on my reading list is Eric Ludy's The Bravehearted Gospel.

Carol Davidson has served as the Academic Coach for graduate students in the Marriage and Family Therapy Department here at HIU for three years now, in addition to her responsibilities in the area of human development for our online students. We would also like to thank Chris Caudillo for the photo!

Tatoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion
by Gregory Boyle, Free Press, 2010.

This book may be purchased online at, Barnes and Noble, or Better World Books.

You may also find this book at your local library by searching

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