Friday, September 02, 2011

How to find books in the Darling Library: A brief introduction

Do people still want to find books? Yes, they do. Isn't it basic knowledge for anyone who is in college? Yes, but things have changed! Here's what you need to know to find books in the Darling Library:
If you are off campus, before you go any further, the system will kindly ask whether you have the credentials to enter the gated community with all of the licensed databases (restricted to HIU students, staff, and faculty), or if you are a guest who may only have access to books and free resources.

If you have an HIU email address, click on the center button to "Sign into Hope International University." A login screen within a blue box will appear asking for your User Name and Password.

IF you do not have an HIU email address, you may choose to "only show me results that don't require authorization" to search the library's catalog for books (and other resources you may access).
  • You should then see a gray progress message saying you are searching databases followed by a results list.
  • Look to the left of the screen if you want to narrow your list by format.
  • Click on the book title.
  • Look below to "Find a copy in the library." There you will see the call number to find it on the shelf if the book is available (or if it is checked out, when it is due.)
Thus concludes your basic introduction to finding books in the Darling Library.

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