Monday, August 22, 2011

Upgrades, 5 - ID Card Production, 0

Although it's not a “library thing,” through happenstance (or a series of unfortunate events,) the library is in charge of the production of the University ID cards. At this time of year we anticipate printing hundreds of ID cards during New Student Orientation events. This year we made the following preparations:
  1. ID card redesigned with new HIU logo
  2. New camera
  3. New computer
  4. Upgraded software
  5. Ordered new printer ribbon and card stock
Nevertheless, with all of these improvements we were still unable
to print any cards for new students!

Have you ever had an upgrade to your computer in the name of improved service or convenience throw your world into upheaval? Sometimes upgrades to commonly used software such as Windows, Firefox, or iTunes can take over where they are not expected or welcome and they remove preferences that had previously made life easier for you. Ironically, improvements can cause you problems and can be more troublesome than an annoyance that feels like one step forward and two steps back.

I just upgraded my home computer from Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Lion and, oddly enough, now my mouse (I prefer it to the touch pad) behaves differently. At work, I got a new PC but now my speakers don't work.

The library's home page and catalog have had significant improvements but they will take time to become familiar with the new structure and functions.

Change or "revision of personal habits" scores 24 on the Holmes and Rahe stress scale of events that can contribute to illness. (Note that these are good or bad revisions.) According to the Holmes and Rahe inventory, 150 stress points could result in 35% more likelihood of developing illness.

So, seven revisions of personal habits could be enough to put you over the edge... even if nothing else stressful is happening in your life.

Think carefully before you agree to installing those automatic updates. They could make you sick!
THE AGONY OF DEFEAT. Library Public Services Manager, Nicole McDermott, manages the ID system. Information Systems chief Technician, Shiraaz Lall, offers troubleshooting support during the upgrade of the IDenticard system.


Beth Lee said...

Where is the like button!?

Gene Hartman said...

I sure hope this week is kinder to all of you. I hope you can just tread water, and the flow will naturally move you past the troubled waters. P.S., the photo of Nicki and Shiraz is sheer brilliance!