Tuesday, April 12, 2011

National Library Workers Day

Today is National Library Workers Day. Libraries have devised complex systems for organizing and tracking a multiplicity of resources with a goal of being good stewards for the communities we serve. We want to make resource sharing as simple as possible for our users. It takes a team of particularly detail oriented and customer service centered people to accomplish this.
Meet the Darling Library staff:
  • Robin Hartman, MLIS, MA. Director of Library Services and Systems Librarian
  • Terri Bogan, MLS. Associate Librarian for Reference and Instruction
  • Nicole McDermott, MBA. Public Services Manager
  • Lindsey Sinnott, MLIS. Acquisitions Manager
  • Joe Watson, Library Technical Assistant
  • Trevor Williams, Serials Assistant
and our exceptional Student Library Assistants:
Marisol Babcock, Neil Baker, Rachel Bastida, Natalie Cruz, Heather Hicks, Cash Kent, Sebastian Mailu, Lauren McKinney, Nathan McWherter, Jackie Muthoka, Judy Nzeki, Emmanuel Nzomo, Danilo Periera, Jessica Ruf, Sine Schirmer, David Scotti, and Buai Tut.

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