Friday, February 11, 2011

Hidden Hope #5

It's that time again, readers...

...time for this month's Hidden Hope!

Think you know where this Hope can be found on campus?

Leave a comment if you think you know the location of this Hidden Hope. The answer will be revealed in two weeks on Friday, February 25th. Check back to see who the first person to guess correctly will be!

The winner of this challenge will be the happy owner of a brand new $5 Starbucks Card, so get out there and search!


natalie ; ) said...

This Hidden Hope is in the "Lawson Fulton Student Center Activity Room" on the message board under the tv.

Anonymous said...

This Hope challenge is located in the activities room of the student center on the bulletin board that says Hope Happenings. Kerry Goad

Leslie Coffee said...

Its in the mailroom to the far right of the mail boxes! LOL

Anonymous said...

In the Ping Pong and mail room, the bulletin board that list student activities.