Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What are you reading, Lauren McKinney?

The book I am currently reading is the intriguingly suspenseful novel Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Within the past seven years, I have undoubtedly read this book a minimum of six times, pulling the worn, bent jacket of this book off my bookshelf every time I feel the urge to get lost in it again. It must be obvious that this book holds a very special place in my heart, for it is the only book that I can read more than six times and still remain wonderfully impressed by it. Du Maurier writes with such intricately realistic and detailed emotion as she creates the timid and bashful main character (who doesn’t have a name, adding to the book’s intrigue), who, through terrifying as well as joyful experiences, matures into a woman of confidence and strength. Set in a beautiful English countryside, tainted by murder, mystery, and secrets about the hauntingly beautiful and esteemed Rebecca de Winter, this book really possesses one element or another which anyone and everyone can truly appreciate.

I would recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for an excellent late night read, willing to follow the twists and turns of plot until they literally scream in surprise, throwing the book across the room like I did the first time I read it in High School. After I finish the book this time, I am really looking forward to reading a book on Greek Mythology. The subject is referenced in so many different areas of conversation, I just feel like knowing more about it will rake me in some major cool points.

Academically, I am really fond of numbers, which is why my Major’s emphasis is in Accounting. But to be truly honest, reading books about numbers isn’t nearly as fun as computing them, so instead I invest my leisure reading in such subjects as classic novels, English literature, biographies, and anything on Abraham Lincoln.

Lauren McKinney has been going to Hope International University since Fall 2007, majoring in Business and Management with an emphasis in Accounting. She has worked in the Library since Fall 2008.

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Perennial, 2001.

Available from HarperCollins Publishers, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Better World Books.

May also be ordered from the HIU Bookstore.

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