Friday, December 04, 2009

Giving, Receiving, and Making a Difference

We are inundated at this time of year with opportunities for giving, enticed with the promise that our donations are tax deductible (so in the back of our minds we can look forward to getting something back). Some opportunities, such as the Heifer Project, combine gift giving with charitable contributions. The Darling Library has a similar option to make a difference beyond our own walls.

Of course, you can give money for purchasing resources needed to support the mission and curriculum of Hope International University. This would be a much appreciated, well-used tax-deductible donation.

Book Donations
We also gladly accept donations of books (new or used) for which you will receive a gift-in-kind receipt for tax purposes. Those that support the curriculum are labeled in appreciation and processed for shelving. But we also accept books that don't support the curriculum. These books have "resale value" and at the same time raise funds for global literacy.

Book Sales
You can also buy books from the Darling Library’s online book sale hosted by the Better World Books online store. Before you go to another online bookseller, go to and enter our zip code (92831) near the bottom of the page. Click on the Hugh and Hazel Darling Library’s Browse button to directly support our Library. We get a quarterly check and the satisfaction of knowing we have partnered together to make an impact on the world. (Of course, you can also shop their entire database and support literacy programs if our sale does not include books you need.)

Buying (and selling) books through Better World Books makes a difference in so many ways:
  • books we buy for ourselves to read enrich our lives
  • books we give as gifts enrich the lives of those who read them
  • funds from our online book sale support the students of Hope International University
  • funds from books we buy promote literacy worldwide

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