Monday, October 26, 2009

Library Sustained Minimal Water Damage

The Library sustained water damage on Sunday, October 25. When the student Library Assistants arrived to open shortly before 2:00pm, they discovered water had been pouring from one of the HVAC closets on the first floor.

Thankfully the water came from underneath the shelves rather than from above. Since the books are 3-4 inches above the floor there appears to be no damage to books or periodicals. The only damage could be to the carpet under the shelving which is bolted down and cannot be moved. The Janitorial staff estimated it would take 2-3 days to dry out, the carpet will then need to be treated to eliminate odors.

Kudos to Operations, Janitorial Services, and the Student Library Assistants for handling the situation with mininimal problems.

For the time being, patrons will need to ask for books and periodicals in that area to be retrieved by Library Assistants.

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