Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cool Resource: Clusty

Ever try to search the web outside of Google? There are many other search engines that operate differently and may be a better fit for the kind of searching you need to do. Clusty ( has a google-like simple interface and returns results lists similar to Google, but it includes "clustering" of related terms on the left side that you can click on to "drill-down" to a more specific subtopic. This is really great for those times when you're not sure what terms to use to find the information you want.

I did a search on "church planting" and from my cluster list, selected the 15 "Church Planting Resources" that were more to the heart of what I was looking for.

You can also limit your results by sources of Clusty's results (i.e., all the Wikipedia articles on the topic). And you can easily limit by the type of site such as .edu if you want something from an educational institution or .gov for government web sites. You can even limit to news, jobs, and blogs on the topic.

When searching images, you can sort by size, file type, URL, and more. You can search for news on a topic and sort the results by source and section (i.e., sports, technology, entertainment).

And I like the logo.

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