Monday, March 26, 2007

Faculty Collaboration

Do you remember Faculty Reference Desk hours in the library? Way back before the library was renovated, back in the days before Hope International University – when Gary Tiffin was Dean of Pacific Christian College and Jeff Wilson was the Library Director. Some current faculty have been around long enough to have participated in this project. The program provided a presence of subject specific experts in the library at a specified time every week. It was a unique effort of collaboration between the library and faculty.

Today faculty are not assigned weekly office hours in the library. The Library doesn’t even have a Reference Desk! But collaboration between the faculty and library is essential to the core objective of the library: to support the curriculum of the University. That’s why we need faculty input by making recommendations for acquisitions of books, videos, periodicals, electronic resources, and any other material to which students need to have access.

First, check the OPAC to see if we already have what you would recommend.
Go to the library’s web site and Search for books and more in the Darling Library.

Ways to make a request:
  • Publisher’s catalog or flyer. Circle your recommendations and send to the attention of Sarah Kimakwa in the library.

  • Use an online request form. You can also print this form out and send it to Sarah.

  • Contact Sarah directly.

Information needed for ordering:
 Author
 Title
 Publisher
 Date
 Edition
 Any other pertinent information (i.e., specific format, rush order)

If you have any questions, please refer to the Collection Development Policy or contact Sarah Kimakwa, Acquisitions Manager, or Robin Hartman, Library Director

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