Thursday, March 08, 2007

Collection Development Policy, Revised

The Collection Development Policy has been under review by the Hope Library Committee off and on for over a year. On March 2, 2007 a major revision was approved. This document was created in 1988 and has undergone some minor revisions over the years to accommodate changes in technology (e.g., to remove references to the collection of vinyl records). This review made significant changes to reflect new directions in library collaboration with the teaching faculty and to make it more flexible in terms of the ways information is delivered.

The full Policy may be viewed on the library's website, including links to appendices addressing special issues related to the collection of Biblical Commentaries, Electronic Resources, and Periodicals.

An abridged Faculty Reference Guide is also available. From here, faculty may link to an online request form to make recommendations for library acquisitions. Requests for assistance with making purchase recommendations should be forwarded to Sarah Kimakwa, Library Acquisitions Manager. Questions about the policy can be directed to Robin Hartman, Director of Library Services.

Library Committee: David Timms (Chair), Erik Maiershoffer, Curtis Holtzen, Robin Hartman, Terri Bogan.

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