Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Our 100,000th Record

Almost eight years ago the Darling Library "went live" with our first automated system (Voyager). In preparation for that day in July 1999, we had all of our card catalog records converted to digital format and had barcode labels made for all the books. At that time, we loaded 46,732 bibliographic records (representing separate distinct titles) and about 56,798 item records (the number of actual volumes on the shelves).

Today we celebrate a milestone with our 100,000th bibliographic record! This represents years of careful work to put the library's books, videos, periodicals, ebooks (and more) accurately into the system -- and we're proud of these efforts! In anticipation of this event, we've selected a special book for the honor.

Join us in the celebration by checking out our 100,000th title:

Rabe, Alan, Editor. Hope for the Future: Contemporary Values of the Restoration Movement. Fullerton, CA: Hope International University Press, 2006.

It is a discussion guide written by our Hope faculty on how the enduring values of the Restoration Movement (upon which our institution was founded) apply today. Since the first of the University's core values claims our adherence to these RM values, the question on the mind of many was, What are the values of the Restoration Movement and do they have relevance today? So, the faculty, headed by Dr. Alan Rabe, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, set about the task of answering that question in the form of a publication to help others who might also have the same question.

One copy will be put in the Archives with other faculty publications, other copies will be available for check out.

To order a personal copy of this book, contact the HIU Bookstore at (714) 992-5911 or go to HIU Faculty Publications web page.

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