Friday, September 01, 2006

What's new with the Library staff?

The Library added much needed administrative help with Bethany Dye (BA, 2005), Support Manager. Her responsibilities and work hours were expanded to full-time at the end of the spring semester. She added Administrative Assistant to her list of roles which includes providing support in nearly every area of the Library -- focusing particularly on coordinating and troubleshooting in the Information Commons and supervising Library operations in the evenings. This is in addition to her "extra-library" role in Instructional Support Services in which she assists faculty with classroom supplies, audiovisual services, and general campus orientation in the evenings.

Terri Bogan, Reference and Instruction Librarian, has been re-elected for another three-year term on the Board of Directors for the Statewide California Electronic Libraries Consortium (SCELC). SCELC is a consortium of private academic libraries and research institutions in the state of California. Terri and her husband, Dave, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary July 18th. Congratulations you two!

Nicole McDermott (BA, 2002), Public Services Manager, with the tireless summer student Library Assistants, John Davies (BA, 2006) and Krystal Harris, completed an inventory of the entire collection. Small incentives and celebrations along the way kept them from going "stir-crazy". John has left us to pursue graduate school in English Literature. Krystal will continue working in the Library as she continues her schooling at Pacific Christian College this fall. Nicky also found some time to vacation with her husband, Louis (BA, 2002), and daughter, Gracie, visiting extended family in New York.

Joe Watson, Cataloger and Audiovisual Services Technician, spent a lot of time doing clean-up of weeding activities (see "Out with the Old..." post) and making progress on several back-burner projects. He also began serving on the University's Safety Committee. But it was not all work for Joe -- he was able to take an Alaskan cruise with his wife, Nancy, and a large family contingency as well.

Sarah Kimakwa (MBA, 2003), Acquisitions Manager, successfully completed her second Fiscal Period Close. She also investigated and started using a service called Better World Books to sell books that have been donated but not added to the collection or withdrawn from the collection. With this service, English literacy programs in developing communities receive the books for practice and the Darling Library recieves funds with which to purchase materials needed to support the Hope curriculum. In late October through November Sarah will take a much needed trip to visit family in Kenya.

Robin Hartman (BA, 1981), contributed to the Hope International University faculty Sunday School Curriuculum project Hope for the Future (Hope International University Press, 2006) providing additional resources. She spent a few long weekends vacationing in and around California with her husband, Gene (BA, 1980), and daughter, Emma.

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