Friday, April 13, 2012

Where are you now, Molly MacDougald?

I want to thank the alumni who participated in our National Library Week 2012 celebration and I hope our readers have enjoyed reading about the variety of work that they do. They reflect well on HIU and the information profession!

For our final tribute to Hope alumni in libraries we meet up with Molly MacDougald (BA, 2003) in Boston, Massachusetts.
I always knew I wanted to be involved in libraries from early on in my education. I began my library career in 1993 as a library page in a local public library in Carlsbad, CA. My boss at the time asked me one day if I had started paging in the children’s room. My shelving duties were only in the adult section, so at that point I had not ventured into the children’s department of the library. She encouraged me to spend some time in that department because she had a hunch I would be a good fit there. She was right! That was the beginning of my journey into Youth Services within the library field.

I have spent the last 15 years working at various libraries ranging from public, academic, and now to school libraries. I have served my time as a library page, clerk, technician, assistant and children’s librarian.

I graduated from HIU in 2003 and enrolled in the SJSU Library Science program to complete my MLS. I majored in Child Development, and I feel that my undergraduate education at HOPE was the perfect springboard into graduate school. The Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from HOPE laid solid foundation for me to work in Children’s Services, and to further my work in librarianship.

I’ve always viewed the work I do in libraries to be ministry. I have the privilege each and every day to serve young people, which I enjoy very much. I have a love for the youth, and literacy efforts, so being around students and their families is a good fit for me.

I recently moved to Boston, MA from San Diego, CA, and I work as a school librarian at a 7th-12th grade charter school. I interned at the Boston Public Library in 2005 and fell in love with the city while I was there. I knew I would come back to Boston and hopefully continue working in libraries. I am excited to see where God leads next, and I am grateful for the opportunities I have received thus far!
Trivia: Her story is unusual in that she knew she wanted to be a librarian even before starting college! (So many of us didn't think of this as a first career choice.) Molly has a real love for children's literature and hopes to teach the subject some day.

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